Uses of Convex Mirrors

Convex mirrors are often used for various purposes. We usually find these mirrors as rear view mirror or view finder in automobiles as these mirrors provide a greater field of vision than a plane mirror. Besides this they are used in buses and public transport so that the driver can see whether all the passengers have got inside. These mirrors are also used as reflector in street lamps so as to diverge light over a large area.

Convex mirrors are installed at slightly higher than eye level in order to enable one to get better view from a distance. These mirrors are also used as security mirrors as they enable the one to see over a greater region of space and are used on roads at sharp bends and concealed entrances. The most commonly used convex mirrors are Industrial mirrors and traffic mirrors.

These mirrors are used inside manufacturing plants, industries, commercial buildings or high traffic areas in stores or warehouses to help avoid any accidents that can be caused running into someone or something. We also find convex mirrors being commonly used in supermarkets and stores for surveillance purpose: to look out for thieves and shoplifters.

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